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Ali Barwari, Owner & Instructor
DMV Traffic School License #E1845
Driving School License #I4622

About Us

Welcome to Liberty Driving and Traffic School where safety on the roads is our top priority! We’re a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience in the industry, and we’re proud to have served our community with top-notch driving and traffic education.

Our story began with a passion to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, friends, and families. We believe that safe driving practices are essential for a better tomorrow, and we’re committed to providing exceptional training and education to achieve this goal.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless individuals become confident, responsible drivers. From teenagers taking their first steps behind the wheel to experienced drivers looking to brush up on their skills, we’ve been honored to play a role in their journey.

Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to providing personalized attention, expert guidance, and a supportive learning environment. We stay up-to-date with the latest driving techniques, safety protocols, and industry developments to ensure our students receive the best possible education.

At we’re not just about teaching driving skills – we’re about building a safer community, one driver at a time. Thank you for considering us as your trusted driving school and traffic school. Let’s drive safely, and let’s do it together!

Driving School

Our goal is to provide driver-training classes throughout San Diego and South County. We currently serve East County Our service area is constantly expanding and is limited mostly by our stringent requirements for our instructors.

We offer DMV sample permit tests as well as the DMV video test so you can study and look over the questions as many times as you like, Just click on the links on the left side of the page. When you are finished with our course we will send you your completion certificate. Our years of Experience allows us to offer quality online drivers education for teens. They can successfully complete the course by going online to our website. Our website is very easy to use, When you Register, you can choose your own password and username and gain access to our Online Driver Education Course. Our program was designed to keep you learning while actually enjoying your time on our site. Videos and interaction are presented throughout the course. Easy tests are given after each chapter to make sure you have retained the information presented.

Adult Driving School

If you are over the age of 18 and think that it is too late to get a driver license, Do Not feel bad thousands of people have been there. It is never too late to achieve what you desire and if it’s a driver license that you desire will then let’s start. Liberty Driving & Traffic School, Inc has helped thousands of people just like you and now they are driving and fulfilling their aspirations. We dedicate ourselves to teach you how to drive. Our patient, eager and professional instructors will take you contentedly through our step by step process and help you become a safe, confident, and licensed driver.

Traffic School

Unfortunately, most drivers eventually receive a traffic ticket for violating the vehicle code. This helps to keep your auto insurance premiums low. We currently serve all of California; our service area is constantly expanding and is limited mostly by our stringent requirements for our instructors. We have put our course online for you convenience so you can complete the course right in the comfort of your home.

Our DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) Internet course is licensed for use statewide. The easy-to-read program is entertaining, informative, and loaded with colorful graphics, videos, cartoons, and jokes that will have you laughing while you learn. Best of all, you can take it from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you have Internet access) and complete it in a few hours or over a few days—it’s up to you! Register now and you’ll be back on the road to safe driving in no time!

Traffic Booklet Course

Our DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) booklet course is licensed for use statewide. The informative, easy-to-read text is supplemented with helpful charts and interesting photos, and the hilarious cartoons and traffic-related jokes will have you laughing while you learn. Best of all, you can read the booklet anywhere: the beach, the backyard, or while traveling on a bus, train, or airplane—just not behind the wheel! Nothing could be easier!

Senior Driving

The DMV may require seniors to be re-tested to determine they’re up to date on new laws and their driving skills haven’t diminished. Practicing with a professional never hurts.

Mature Driving

Mature drivers, 55 or older, who successfully complete an approved Driver Improvement Course can qualify for reduced motor vehicle insurance premiums. California law allows insurance companies to determine the percentage of premium reduction. The insurance carrier can refuse to give a reduced rate to those who have poor driving records. You may wish to ask your insurance company about your eligibility and the amount of discount prior to taking an approved mature Driver Improvement Course.

Driving Lesson Requirements

AGES 15 1/2 – 18

  • All minors must have 6 hours of professional practice with a DMV licensed instructor.
  • A parent or adult over 25 years old must provide 50 hours of in-car training (10 hours at night).
  • Any lessons beyond the 6 hours with a DMV licensed instructor will be counted towards the 50 hours.

AGES 18+

  • Current traffic laws and Defensive Driving Tecniques
  • Practice driving exams
  • Insurance companies often give discounts for completing driving courses
  • Our Driver’s training can help reduce your risk of an accident!


Do not get discouraged by what the driving school charge. Know if the school has patient, calm, and eager to teach instructors, also ask if the instructor is licensed by the department of motor vehicle. It is important to you to know who you send your teenager with, make sure the instructor is well trained who can teach teenagers, adults, senior citizens and handicapped to those have no to little knowledge on how to drive defensively.
To find the quality driving school and the service they provide ask the following questions:

  1. Does the school offer the service to everyone [teenagers, adults, and seniors, handicapped?] if the school only offers the service to teenagers alone then the instructor is not well trained
  2. Does the school have a driver education curriculum or they just use the driver’s handbook. A driving school that uses a curriculum is more preferred.
  3. Does the driving school uses the full formal curriculum for driver training or do they just run you in the car around the town?
    Yes! The school do uses the full curriculum for the driver training, the school teaches every advanced skill to help you drive safely and stay alive.
    NO! We do not run you in the car or have you parked the car on some street like others do.
  4. Is the school licensed and insured? YES!
  5. Will the school let you use their car for the drive test?
    YES! Upon request.
  6. Is the school a member of the Driving School Association of California? YES!
  7. What is included in your service and what is the price?
    Our service includes all advanced skills to help you become the safe and defensive driver you want to be (such as basic car control, proper turnings, proper and safe lane changes, parallel parking, up/down hill parking, mountain driving, and freeway)
    The price varies because we have promotions throughout the year. Provisional license requirements for anyone under the age of 18.

You may enroll for the driver education classes at age of 15 years old or when you are a high school freshman.

You can obtain your learner’s permit once you have completed all sessions of driver education classes

You have to be at least 15 and half years of age. (15 ½)

You need to hold the possession of your learner’s permit for at least six month (6 month) from the issued date.

YES! You need to practice with your parent or legal guardian for at least fifty (50) hours at home based on the parent-teen guide hand book and the law that was established as of July 1st 1998.

YES! When practicing with your parent or legal guardian out of the required fifty (50) hours at least ten (10) hours must be done at night.

You are not required to drive with your instructor at night but the school should give you at least one night time lesson.

YES! After you have met all of the requirements the school should provide you with verification.

You can only transport passengers that are at the age of twenty (20) or older

NO! you may not transport anyone under the age of twenty (20) if you do someone with a valid California driver license and being twenty five (25) years of age must be with you.

Application signed by your parents, $31 cash, check, or money order, your social security number, birth certificate, and the driver education (OL 237) certificate and behind the wheel enrollment certificate (OL 392) issued by the driving school.

You may apply for a learner’s permit at the age of 17 1/2, but you will not be issued a driver license until you complete the driver education course, or turn 18 years of age.

There is no specific DMV field office that you have to go to. You may use any DMV field office to obtain your learner’s permit in the state of California.

YES! You may driver to anywhere with your permit as long as there is a person of twenty five (25) years of age or older with you when you drive; you may even drive to Colorado.

YES! The California driver’s handbook and the sources form your local driving school.

NO! Once you have obtained your learner’s permit you may not drive right away, until you have taken your first behind the wheel driving lesson with a professional driving instructor to have your permit validated.

YES! Every time you drive there must be a person with you who is twenty five (25) years if age or older with a valid California driver license.

One year from the Application date

YES! As long as you have someone with you who is 25 years of age or older with a valid California driver’s license.

YES! Every time you drive; you must have your learner’s permit with you; otherwise you are driving without a valid California driver license or permit.

NO! You may obtain a copy from your local DMV free of charge.

Your parents or legal guardian are required to give you 50 hours of practice, 10 hours of which have to be done at night. They should sign the second page of your permit when this has been completed.

YES! You may drive anytime as long as you have a person who is twenty five (25) years of age or older with a valid California driver’s license.

The licensed driver must be in the front seat of the vehicle, moderate and conscious and able to control the vehicle when you are unable to do so.


Mikayla Keene
Mikayla Keene
April 16, 2024
I recommend this school the instructors were kind and I was able to pass my dmv test with an almost perfect score (even with zero other experience) thanks to Ali and them :D
Javidullah Karyar
Javidullah Karyar
April 11, 2024
This driving school change impossible to 100% possible by learning you the professional driving techniques within six hours. I am really thankful and pray for this liberty driving school for getting me able to get California driving license at my first try. Thanks again for liberty driving school, this success will be a memory of my life.
Helan saeed
Helan saeed
April 2, 2024
I went to liberty driving school I passed my test thanks to Ali help me to pass my test I will recommend to all my friends
Max Buitron
Max Buitron
March 18, 2024
Very good experience! 10/10 recommended.
Shah Jahan Bayat
Shah Jahan Bayat
March 12, 2024
I really appreciate Liberty Driving School specially instructor and owner of school Mr. Ali. I highly recommend for my friends. But I should say that when you are new in a society being in an environment like Liberty Driving School and specially being with instructor Ali made me motivated to gain what I have now. His hard work his dedication and above all his patience made me believe in my self that I can do this.Today I made myself my family proud and gaining this was not possible without your presence. I am really happy that I passed in my first try. thank you and wish you best of luck.
James Sturch
James Sturch
March 11, 2024
GREAT driving school for our daughter. She passed with zero mistakes on the driving test 100%! Ghazi is a great instructor. Highly recommended!
Mẫn Tuệ
Mẫn Tuệ
March 8, 2024
I was nervous for my driving test but thanks to Ali I passed my test for the first time. He helped me a lot. I really recommend this school for everyone
Zekria Sadat
Zekria Sadat
March 1, 2024
Wow I passed my driving test I am very Happy, thanks Ali help me a lot to pass my driving test, I will recommend to all my friends .
Zohal Ataie
Zohal Ataie
February 28, 2024
I went to liberty driving and the first time I passed the test and I appreciated Ali thank u so Mach for helping 🫶
Kevin Thacker
Kevin Thacker
February 26, 2024
We have used Liberty for our older two children and plan to continue with our other two. This is a great company and the instructors are kind and punctual. It’s the best value in the county. We have recommended them to several of our friends. Thanks again Ali !!!

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